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Working together with local business to provide draft cold brew coffee solutions.

 Turn-key monthly increased revenue to your business.

What is Nitro Cold Brew?

We steep our freshly roasted coffee beans for 16- 24 hours. 

Infusing our coffee with nitrogen, creating a beautiful cascade that has a naturally sweet and creamy taste.

No additives just coffee, water and nitrogen.

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Nitro Cold Brew Coffee on Tap

Manera Coffee takes care of all the work for you. From equipment set up and maintenance, to keg deliveries, line cleaning, and gas refills.


You're busy running your business, so we'll handle the cold brew and equipment. We keep everything in great shape and re-supply on a schedule that works for you.


So you can focus on what matters, just consider us apart of your team.



Cold Brew Supplier

Already have a draft system and just need a cold brew supplier?

We deliver kegs weekly on a schedule so you're always stocked up.

Easy Start Up
Cold Brew on Draft 

Start serving cold brew on draft for your customers immediately.

We'll help you get set up and going. 

  • First month, zero risk, money back guarantee.

  • We can offer 4 equal installments  for the purchase of equipment and first order of kegs.

Equipment Maintenace 

Maintaining Kegerator equipment can take a lot of time and work away from your business.

We're here to help you focus on what matters and handle this for you.


Freshly Roasted Beans

We work together with a local roaster to source freshly roasted beans that are used to brew the cold brew in small batches.


From Farm To Cup

Our beans are only from Certified Organic growers. Quality is of the most importance in search for the best beans to make cold brew with.


Certified Organic

Directly Traded

Ethically Sourced



What LA Areas does Manera Coffee Service?

We currently service the west side, south bay, culver city, and any neighboring cities to these locations.

Lets work together

Interested in seeing how we can help? Get in touch by filling out the form below.

Thanks for submitting! We'll get back to you within 1 - 3 Business days.


First Pop up - Jan 20

My first pop up event at my gyms farmers market. Shortly after we got into the coffee kegging and nitro business.

How did this all start?

Hi I'm Richard, I had an unlikely beginning in my coffee journey by starting off as a mechanical engineer for an aerospace and defense company; working on the machinery that manufactured fighter aircrafts. During Covid I joined a gym full of entrepreneurs and felt inspired to be of service to others just like them. Having been an avid coffee enthusiast for the past 5 years in cold brew, I asked the gym owner if I could sell cold brew in his gym. He agreed and that's how we got our start.  My engineering background helped me understand how to use/maintain kegging equipment and problem solve any mechanical issues. From there we gained traction and grew to support multiple locations such as cafes, restaurants, and other gyms. My philosophy is to treat my customers like they're family, be there if they need help and go the extra mile to the best of my ability. My team and I look forward to working with you and if you have any questions feel free to let us know.

Richard Escajeda

Manera Coffee


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